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Here's some more about Tim. Evan introduced himself here.

Together we’ve started companies and shipped products used by hundreds of thousands of users. We’ve led product and engineering teams. And we’re currently bootstrapping Hailey, a remote office dog that connects thousands of teammates every day in Slack.

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🤝 A decade of working together


🎉 CEO, CTO (2021 - Present)


Hailey connects thousands of remote teammates every day through asynchronous prompts and social mini-games. Notable customers include Opendoor, Crunchbase, Apartment List, and 4 YC companies.


Tim: Senior Product Manager (2018 - 2021)

Evan: Senior Engineering Manager (2018 - 2022)


Tim led most of the renter-facing product across web, iOS, and Android. Evan spent most of his time managing the growth/SEO team, but managed several others as well during his four years at the company.

There were several product areas that overlapped between our teams, giving us many opportunities to work together again.


Side Project (October, 2020)


Evan and I both have friends and family who would love to see what we're up to, but aren't on social media. We built GramGram to bring those online memories to their mailbox.

With GramGram, users connect their Instagram accounts, choose a photo, choose a recipient, and write a short message. GramGram then sends the recipient a postcard on their behalf.


Tim: Co-Founder, Engineer, Head of Growth (2012 - 2018)

Evan: Co-Founder, CTO (2012 - 2018)


Cribspot was an apartment rental marketplace for university students. We launched as "A2 Cribs" while we were students at the University of Michigan. Over the next six years, we scaled our marketplace to 170 universities nationwide.

Later, we vertically integrated to make it as easy to rent an apartment as it is to book an Airbnb. We eventually handled all aspects of property management for 350 properties with over 1,000 tenants.

Evan and Tim built the product together until early at 2015, when Evan built out an engineering team and Tim switched to lead growth.

You can read about us in CNBC, TechCrunch, Forbes, and VentureBeat.


University Project (March 2013)


We built our own version of the popular "Super Smash Brothers" game as a class project nearly a decade ago. The game was built on our professor's custom C++ framework.

Check out the "professionally recorded" demo.


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