❤️ I build products users love.

I'm an engineer, Product Manager, YC founder, marketer, and all around startup generalist.

I'm looking to freelance with a growing startup as a Product Manager or product-minded engineer. I can wear multiple hats 🎩 ⛑️ 👒 (often at the same time)... whatever it takes to move the needle.

I work best alongside my 2x co-founder, Evan Dancer. Check out all we've built together over the last decade+ here.

Want to work with us? Send me a message at hey@timjones.me.


🧑‍💻 I've done it all.


🎉 Co-Founder (2012 - 2018)

👨‍💻 Head of Engineering (2012 - 2015)

📈 Head of Growth (2015-2018)


Cribspot was an apartment rental marketplace. We started as a search engine for off-campus housing; then vertically integrated to handle all aspects of property management.


📱 Senior Product Manager (2018 - 2021)


Apartment List is a leading apartment rental marketplace in the US.


🎉 Founder and CEO (2021 - Present)


Hailey is a Slack app that connects remote teams through conversations, challenges, and asynchronous mini-games.


📱 Product Consultant (October ‘21 - February ‘22)


Zuma is an AI-powered leasing agent for property management companies. I joined shortly after they closed their $6.7 million seed round, led by Andreessen Horowitz.


🎩 I wear lots of hats.




At Cribspot, I led the development of an off-campus housing marketplace used by hundreds of thousands of users across 170 universities. You can read about us on CNBC, TechCrunch, or VentureBeat.

At Apartment List, I led most of the renter-facing product across web, iOS, and Android. I shipped features like adding neighborhoods and new property listing pages to the core search experience. I also shipped several updates to the back-end search algorithm to improve search relevance and achieve a more balanced distribution of property leads.

At Hailey, I've done it all. Launched in January 2021, Hailey connects thousands of teammates every day.

At Zuma, I implemented a new scrum process. I set best practices for writing and grooming tickets in Jira, filing bugs, running daily standups, and sprint planning meetings.

I was also the de facto integrations expert, leading their integrations with lead management platforms.




At Cribspot, I led engineering for a team of three for 2.5 years before transitioning over to growth. We scaled to hundreds of thousands of users.

At Apartment List, I shipped highly technical back-end updates to improve our search algorithm.

At Hailey, I built the entire product myself until Evan joined as a co-founder in February, 2022. Hailey is built with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL and hosted on Heroku.




At Cribspot,  I acquired the first 100 landlords after we transitioned into full-stack property management. I led a team of 2 SDR's that generated leads through outbound emails, cold calls, and direct mail. We also set up Facebook Custom Audiences using 3rd party data sources and formed partnerships with local landlord associations.

At Hailey, I led the acquisition of 25 companies. Notable customers include Opendoor, Crunchbase, Apartment List, Tinuiti (1,000-person marketing agency), and 4 YC companies.

I built Culture First (formerly the Remote Manager Toolbox) as our primary acquisition channel. Through a (mostly) automated process, we published over 175 interviews with remote managers, including high-profile C-suite leaders. These interviews generated thousands of free impressions per day on LinkedIn (shared on both our account and theirs), funneling visitors into a weekly newsletter. We converted interviewees to demos and LinkedIn impressions into organic signups.