Avoid Social (Media) Distancing

Three weeks into building in public, I have 35,000 article reads and 400 subscribers. Here's what it looks like from the inside:

November 18, 2020

Building in public is an exercise in filtering through noise

Support and encouragement lift me up.

Feedback and questions challenge my assumptions

Haters try and tear me down.

The internet has been my cheering squad.

I've received emails, DM's, and forum comments from all corners of the world.

It's a violation of social (media) distancing that I can get behind.


As a solopreneur, it's easy to get lost in my own head.

Constructive criticism, questions, and suggestions challenge my assumptions.

And my product and business are better for it.


And then there's the haters.

They're a small, but LOUD, minority.

They hide behind their keyboards and try to tear me down.

At first, their comments were hard to hear. Now they make me laugh.


But the support has been louder than the hate.

The constructive criticism far more common than personal attacks.

So I won't be stopping soon.

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